Terms & Conditions

 The Fine Print 

·         Florida Encounter appointment process participants must be either Suppliers of Florida tourism products and services, or meeting professionals. All participation is subject to approval by VISIT FLORIDA.

·         Participation by Suppliers requires purchase of booth space and appropriate delegate fees.

·         Each booth automatically includes one appointment schedule and one full registration.

·         The registration and payment (via check, online payment, credit card authorization) must be received in our office to be considered registered for Florida Encounter. All suppliers with unpaid registration fees are subject to cancellation without notice after the payment deadline.

·         Participants must be bona fide employees of the organization contracting the booth. Use of space is restricted to the organization whose name appears on the application. If sharing partner does not register in the required timeframe, all fees for a single booth must be paid by the exhibiting company. The exhibitor may not sublet or share their booth with another organization unless a “shared booth” is purchased.

·         A limit of two delegates per single booth is enforced. A limit of two delegates per shared company in a shared booth is enforced.

·         Due to the business atmosphere of Florida Encounter, guests are not permitted on the Florida Encounter tradeshow floor or at any Florida Encounter function.

·         Booth location is assigned on a regional basis as time and space allow. Requests for special booth placement must be submitted via online registration. Special placement requests are not guaranteed; however, they will be honored whenever possible.

·         Both companies sharing a booth must complete the registration process, each indicating the other as a share partner. Both booth fees must be paid in full. 

·         Deadline for all Supplier registration fees: October 31, 2018. You are not considered registered until paid. This will be taken into account when placing your booth on the floor. 

·         All Cancellations must be made in writing. Refunds will be issued for cancellations as follows: Cancellation notifications received prior to September 5, 2018: Full refund minus $250 processing fee. Cancellation notifications received between September 5, 2018 and October 31, 2018:  25% refund


·         Any company which has utilized the online booth registration process without submitting registration fees in full may be waitlisted at any time.

·         Any company which has utilized the online booth registration process without submitting registration fees by October 31, 2018 will be cancelled without further notice.

·         Badges must be worn at all official Florida Encounter functions. Lost badges will be re-issued with proper identification and a replacement fee of $50. No exceptions.

·         Badges may not be shared or exchanged. Violator’s badges will be confiscated.

·         Private functions may not be scheduled during official Florida Encounter hours or events. Violators will be prohibited from future participation.

·         Exhibitors may not dismantle their booths prior to close of show.

·         Participants may distribute materials from their booths only. Materials found elsewhere will be removed.

·         The solicitation of advertising on the exhibit floor is strictly prohibited.

·         The participant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless VISIT FLORIDA, Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa, The Beaches of Ft. Myers & Sanibel CVB and their agents and employees against all claims of damages, losses or changes of anything resulting from occupancy of the space contracted.

·         VISIT FLORIDA may not be held liable for any financial responsibilities incurred on the part of the individual delegate.

·         VISIT FLORIDA makes every effort to offer superior business sessions. Bearing in mind Florida Encounter Appointment Schedules are produced according to appointment requests as submitted by Encounter participants, VISIT FLORIDA may not be held liable for the total number of appointment matches per schedule.

·         Delegates are responsible for all pre- and post-show accommodations.

·         Specific hotel requests are not guaranteed, but our host hotels make every effort to accommodate delegate preferences.

·         As a participant at an official Florida Encounter event, delegates acknowledge that the possibility may arise wherein the participant may appear in photographs or video taken by a designated staff or professional photographer or videographer. By submitting your online registration application, participants agree to allow VISIT FLORIDA to use their image in future pre- and/or post-Florida Encounter coverage in Florida Encounter and VISIT FLORIDA publications or on the Florida Encounter and/or VISIT FLORIDA website.

·         All points not covered above are subject to the approval of VISIT FLORIDA. It is understood and agreed that failure to comply with all the rules and regulations may prohibit present and future participation.