Meeting Professionals

Since you request the appointments, you choose who you meet!

Qualified meeting professionals are fully hosted to attend Florida Encounter, including (air)travel, ground transportation, deluxe accommodations, all networking events, an optional Post-FAM and a full appointment book. After the show, optional Post-FAMs to three Florida destinations are offered.

The registration process will take approximately 15 minutes to complete, as you will be building your profile, visible via myEncounter to the attending Florida Suppliers. You can come back as often as you want to finish the process.

The Encounter Process
About six weeks prior to the show, attendees’ Appointment Requesting Modules will open in their myEncounter. Each appointment book includes up to 34 one-on-one appointments. Each appointment is 12 minutes, with a three minute walking time to get to the next one. Attendees can make and prioritize up to 50 appointments requests, in an effort to schedule as many mutual requests as possible.

Computer-generated appointment schedules are based on attendee requests, with the priority order of:

  • First priority: Mutual request
  • Second priority: Planner requests
  • Third priority: Supplier requests

This Appointment Requesting Period will close two weeks before the show. After that, mutual requests will be scheduled first, then requests made by planners, followed by requests made by suppliers.

Once the initial schedules are available, attendees will have the opportunity to directly communicate with other delegates via the Manual Scheduling Module. Attendees can add appointments or discuss, cancel and even re-schedule business appointments. This module will be accessible from any computer or in the Florida Encounter app.

Florida Supplier? Visit this page for more information on exhibiting at Florida Encounter.