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Florida Encounter is the premier appointment-based trade show showcasing all the Sunshine State has to offer.

One of VISIT FLORIDA’s signature events, Florida Encounter is attended by close to 100 qualified meeting, convention and incentive professionals from mainly North America. A small number of European meeting professionals attend as well.

Please visit this page for an overview of standard and optional registration options.

Registration and exhibiting cost for Florida suppliers is one of the lowest in the industry, compared with similar appointment shows. Maintaining a true one-to-one ratio between buyers and suppliers ensures that appointment books are as full as possible for all attendees.

Many sponsorship opportunities include an exhibitor booth. For more information, visit the Sponsorship Opportunities page or contact our Sponsorship Sales Team at adsales@VISITFLORIDA.org or 850-205-3815.

About six weeks prior to the show, attendees’ Appointment Requesting Modules will open in their myEncounter. Each appointment book includes up to 34 one-on-one appointments. Each appointment is 12 minutes, with a three minute walking time for meeting professionals to get to the next one. Attendees can make and prioritize up to 50 appointments requests, in an effort to schedule as many mutual requests as possible.

This Appointment Requesting Period will close two weeks before the show. Computer-generated appointment schedules are based on attendee requests. Mutual requests will be sacheduled first, followed by planner requests and supplier requests.

Once the initial schedules are available, attendees will have the opportunity to directly communicate with other delegates via the Manual Scheduling Module. Attendees can add appointments or discuss, cancel and even re-schedule business appointments. This module will be accessible from any computer or in the Florida Encounter app.



Florida Encounter by the Numbers (2016)

– Profile of the attending meeting professionals:

    • Corporate: 15%
    • Incentive: 7%
    • Third party: 33%
    • Association: 22%
    • SMERF: 7%
    • Other: 16%

– 73% of the attending planners had never attended before. 
– Impact of attending Florida Encounter (respondents could check all that applied):

    • Book more meetings: 62%
    • Considering new facilities or properties: 88%
    • Increase length of their meetings: 12%
    • No impact: 2%

– 87% of respondents indicated that they want to attend Florida Encounter again

See this page for a list of all organizations that attended Florida Encounter in 2016.